How Long Does It Take to See BodyTite Results?


With the development of advanced techniques that provide outstanding results, body contouring in NYC has become increasingly popular cosmetic procedure in recent years. One body contouring technology that is making waves is BodyTite. A versatile modality for reshaping various areas, BodyTite contouring surgery utilizes patented radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL) technology to provide safe, gentle, and effective body contouring. In addition to removing unwanted fat, this minimally invasive liposuction option provides superior skin tightening effects.

Innovative minimally-invasive cosmetic surgical techniques require only local anesthesia and help plastic surgeons to provide natural looking results, with much less downtime than invasive surgery. Nevertheless, patients have many concerns regarding these procedures and discuss them on popular platforms such as RealSelf. One patient asked, “How soon are the effects of BodyTite visible?”

Replying to this question, an expert plastic surgeon said that BodyTite contouring surgery results start showing after two weeks and if tightening is the goal, the maximum amount of skin tightening results will be visible in 2-3 months. However, it’s important to note that results are patient specific and depend on the treatment area and amount of fat removed.

BodyTite is a safe cosmetic surgical procedure that offers efficient removal of stubborn fat and cellulite reduction along with noticeable skin tightening effects. The FDA-cleared BodyTite liposuction device delivers radiofrequency energy to liquefy subcutaneous fat so that it can be easily removed. It also coagulates the blood vessels, and tightens the skin, while leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed. This minimally invasive cosmetic procedure is carried out under local anesthesia and gives you the look you want without going under the knife.

After marking the area to be treated, the patient will be administered local anesthesia and a tiny incision will be created to insert the BodyTite handpiece that targets subcutaneous tissue. RFAL energy passes from an internal cannula to an external electrode, delivering focused energy into the adipose tissue to melt the fat. The handpiece simultaneously aspirates the liquefied fat and coagulates the tissue. The RF energy also stimulates collagen production and tightens the skin. The outcome is a smooth, attractive and natural looking physique. Moreover, this radiofrequency liposuction treats deep fat up to 50 mm, controls heating so that large volume contraction is consistent, avoids over-treatment or under treatment, and allows focused treatment of all large volume areas. Maintaining a consistently healthy diet and exercise routine would help results last for years.

Recovery after RFAL is usually far quicker and less uncomfortable than with traditional liposuction. Most patients achieve full recovery in a couple of days and initial results can be seen immediately after the procedure, with the best results noticeable after 6-12 weeks. Most patients get back to their exercise regimen within 2–3 weeks of BodyTite liposuction surgery. However, larger area treatments will require a longer recovery time. Experts advise patients to follow the golden rule: “let your body be your guide with respect to the degree of exertion”.

Leading plastic surgery practices that offer liposuction surgery in New York City also offer BodyTite contouring surgery. If you think the procedure can address your concerns, schedule an in-person consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon. An expert surgeon will evaluate your considerations and if you are found to be a good candidate for the treatment, help you achieve your cosmetic goals.