What is Radio Frequency

Radio frequency (RF) refers to the rate of oscillation or frequency in the range of about 3 Hz to 300 GHz. Radio frequency (RF) is a form electro-magnetic energy similar to microwaves, and is used in a wide range of applications

Radiofrequency Devices for Minimally Invasive Surgeries

For over 75 years, RF energy is being used in the medical field, usually for minimally invasive surgeries and coagulation. The process involves passing radio frequency energy through tissue to heat up target cells. To reach different target cells, the radio frequency can be modified.

RF devices are widely used to treat a variety of medical conditions and cosmetic problems. RF energy devices are used for soft tissue repair as with wounds; heart disease; eye surgery; general dermatology procedures (hair removal, tattoo removal, skin surfacing); and plastic surgery including liposuction.

BodyTite™ for Effective Body Contouring and Skin Contraction

The uses of radio frequency energy in plastic surgery have grown in recent years. Due to the technological advancement and modifications of the new technology, radiofrequency devices are now considered indispensable for plastic surgeons. Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) is a revolutionary body contouring procedure that uses radiofrequency energy converted from electrical energy to melt unwanted fat cells, while leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected.

Introduced by Invasix, BodyTite™ is the first RFAL technology device, designed to eliminate excess fat from different sites of the body. BodyTite™ radio frequency assisted liposuction can work wonders when it comes to removing stubborn body fat. Moreover, it can bring significant skin contraction.

Based in Manhattan, New York City, bodySCULPT® is a plastic surgery practice offering liposuction using FDA cleared BodyTite™ to give you the desired outcomes. At our plastic surgery center in New York City (NYC), we perform the procedure at our AAAASF accredited surgical center, on an outpatient basis. It can be carried out under local anesthesia and the patient is awake during the procedure, thus minimizing the risks associated with traditional liposuction techniques.

For more information, please call 1-877-5-BODYTITE or email us at info@bodysculpt.com.