Liposuction Surgery New York City

It is now possible to attain a slim and trim figure without enduring the stress and strain of weight loss programs. bodySCULPT® offers liposuction surgery in New York City (NYC) for those who wish to look more attractive with a better body contour.

Minimally Invasive, Safe Procedure

BodyTite™ is a minimally invasive procedure carried out always under local anesthesia unless the patient requests otherwise. This is the safest way to perform this procedure and is virtually painless and safe. Our center is AAAASF accredited with renowned plastic surgeons to offer BodyTite™. The FDA approved device used liquefies fat utilizing radiofrequency energy; the liquefied fat is extracted, and simultaneously the skin tightens and coagulates blood tissue to prevent excessive blood loss. It feels exactly like a hot stone massage. Patients can talk to their plastic surgeon throughout the procedure in the comfort and safety of our surgical group. Since there is no tension as that associated with general anesthesia or conscious sedation, patients can be totally stress-free.

The bodySCULPT® Assurance

Patients under our care recover faster and experience no discomfort after surgery. There is no scarring and burn marks as the targeted region receives uniform treatment with the aid of controls and safety features incorporated in the device. Patients with saggy skin will also benefit from our treatment.

Liposuction Surgery at its Best

Our New York City based plastic surgery group offering liposuction surgery has nothing but the best of quality and service to offer its patients.

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